About Solvents


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Who We Are

Phillips 66 Specialty Solvents Team is a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of high purity hydrocarbon solvents. We offer specialty hydrocarbon solvents from Pentanes to Heptanes to custom blends. All of our products are rigorously tested to meet quality standards.

Core Values

Safety. Honor. Commitment. At Phillips 66 our values are our foundation. In addition to the corporate values, the Specialty Solvents Team conducts business within its own set of core values that includes:

  • Caring about people
  • Solving customer problems
  • Ensuring the safety and health of our customers, our employees, our contractors, and the environment
  • Getting it right the first time (quality)
  • Conducting business with the highest of ethical standards

These core values are woven into our culture and represent our commitment to setting the standard of excellence in everything we do.

Phillips 66 Values, Policies, and Positions